Sensei Gonzalo Flores

Sensei Gonzalo Flores took Karate from Sensei Odo, 1976 to 1981, in Agena, Okinawa. He continued under his father, Nick Flores. He had four years of college at McCallister College in St. Paul, Minnesota. Then he attended OCM Oriental Chinese Medicine. There he learned Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Herbal Medicine, Chi Kung and Thai Chi, not as a Martial Art requirement but, as a Healing Art.

Gonzalo was born into a real Warrior martial Arts Clan. On his father’s side were Warriors, since the days of Moktezuma, in the nation of Asatlan (Measo American), to the present, defending the same land
(America) in former Asatlan. His blood is of Warriors—real Martial Artists. He is still healing his people (the human race) in the same land (America). On his Mother’s side, he comes from a long line of medicine Men—Shaman—Of which his Grandmother is one, and what is commonly known as a Curanderos. In the Bario (Village) where he was reared as a real Martial Artist.

People who work as Soldiers, Doctors, Policemen, and Firemen are all in the Medical-Field Profession. These types of people make good Martial Artists because, the fragile thread by which a persons’ life hangs, is very real. They deal with life threatening-or death situations daily. They understand the meaning of Karate and of how precious life is; therefore, through Karate they keep it healthy and learn to defend it.

Written by Nick Flores