Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo Dojo in Topeka, Kansas is a non-commercial dojo. Classes are taught by Sensei Brent Nothern at his house. Class structure is done as in Okinawa and focus is on the Old Way as passed down by the Great Karate Masters such as Seijiro Maehara, Segeru Nakamura, Takato Nakamura, and Seikichi Odo.

Sensei Nothern started on the path of karate in 1989 with his first instructor Sensei Stuart Twemlow who inspired him to continue in karate after moving to Oregon. His teachers were and still are Gonzo Flores Portland, Oregon and Nick Flores George West, Texas.

Classes are held Monday & Thursday 6 - 7:30 pm.



Hand crafted weapons by Sensei Nick Flores for sale:

Tek0 $20.00
Tunfa metal engraved $30.00
Nunte $45.00
Kama $20.00
Sai plain $20.00
Eku oak $40.00
Sai engraved $30.00
Eku pine $20.00
B0 oak $30.00
Yari $50.00
Bo bamboo for kids $3.00
Timbe $30.00

To order call Nick Flores at (361) 449-1374